Army Officer Escape Game

Army Officer Escape

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The officer just got a message from the higher-ups and as a private, it is an honor for Gregor to deliver the message which might be a big one to the officer's home barracks. Gregor enters and call upon the attention of the officer, but he didn't come out and he can only hear a muffled sound coming deep from inside the place, so he asked permission and entered to find-out what's happening. Well actually, the officer is not coming-out from his home barracks for he is trapped in his room!

Gregor thought why did he get trapped? He is a top one in his class and was considered to be very smart, this could be a very serious problem then so Gregor has no choice but to help a senior from this problem. Private Gregor didn't expect he'll be doing a rescue now, but he has a job to do still by delivering that missive which will not happen until the officer receives it with his own hands. Escape players, come and help Gregor here in freeing the trapped officer so there won't be no extra trouble for him.

Army Officer Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game created by 8b Games.

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