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Armadillo Escape

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Armadillo is common in this forest so you don't worry about them too much. Besides, they don't hurt you or anyone in this forest. Armadillo is a kind animal so you always go to this forest to feed them. However, it is weird that you don't see a single armadillo in this forest today. You find it real bizarre so you took time to walk around to look for these creatures. To your surprise, one of them is in a cage. You don't know who did this but you have a feeling that it is the hunter. This is not cool at all. They deserve to roam freely in this forest so you have to find a way to rescue the armadillo. Since you don't have a key, you need to walk around to gather items that you can use to open the cage.

There are so many items in this forest that you can collect if you will just look closely. There are also clues that can find and those clues can help you to solve this puzzle quickly. Armadillo Escape is a brand new outdoor escape game from Zoo Zoo Games that will test your logic. Good luck!

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