Arctic Wolf Rescue Game

Arctic Wolf Rescue

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An adventure in the snow was what you were looking for. And it was what you got. You were in the Arctic trying to cool off the stresses in your life. Your body wasn't its usual self because of the stresses you accumulated with work. So to have a little rest from all of those, you went to a place where your colleagues wouldn't dare to follow. No one knew you there. And you felt that it was the perfect place to enjoy peace and quiet. However, you were not the type to just sit around and do nothing. So you looked for an adventure you could spend your time on. You went over to the information desk. But there were no available activities for that day. You just couldn't sit around and watch the ice melt. Then you thought to make your own adventure.

You bundled up to not feel any cold as you explore the great cold outdoors. You had no place in mind but you just wanted to see what you could find. Then in the silence of the place, you could hear a soft howl. You were thinking it might be the wind. But as you listened closely, it was really a howl. And you had to find out where it was coming from. Play Arctic Wolf Rescue room escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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