Arctic Wolf Escape Game

Arctic Wolf Escape

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Arctic wolves are not suppose to be in the area for the place doesn't experience any winters and any animals there who thrives in the cold will not last for longer. The rare arctic wolf is one of them and for the day, zoo personnel are in the forest trying to look for their escaped arctic wolf! The wolf will not most likely last long in there for there are other dangerous predators in the area that can seriously injure it, that is the kind of thing the zoo doesn't want and as one of the personnel, Archie is making his pace there a little quicker.

As Archie traverses the wilderness however, he came across a guy who he knew lives in an old house there and boy was he happy to see him. Why? Well that's because he had caught the creature they were all trying to look for! But there was a problem with it now for he can't open the contraption he used to capture the beast, must've been due to the struggle that's why it broke. Archie must call his co-workers now but first he must ensure that the creature is the wolf they were looking for and to see its condition as well. For that he must see if he can open the contraption. Escape players, will you help Archie here with their escaped arctic wolf so proper care can be dealt to it then?

Arctic Wolf Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.

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