Architecture Forest House Rescue Game

Architecture Forest House Rescue

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Architecture Forest House Rescue is a brand new point and click house rescue escape game released by Genie Fun Games. Have Fun on this rescue adventure here with us!

The luxurious forest house was none other Jerry had ever seen, well he can expect anything from his young master who was an engineer, architecture, millionaire, and ingenious, well most of the time. Jerry's boss had converted his old tree-house in the edge of the forest into a huge and luxurious home which can be competed with other luxurious houses around the world. Jerry expects nothing less from him, but one day however, a problem occurred in the house and that got Jerry raising one of his eyebrows.

His boss has no guests that day so Jerry can expect for his master to need him for he always invents new things that he can think of, and of course he can't always do it alone. But as Jerry drove there however from his boss's old luxurious house, he found that his boss was trapped in the forest house and is in-need of help! Jerry was doubtful of this then, for he knows that his master is not dumb enough to get trapped in a place he designed and made. Something might be going-on here and Jerry is about to find-out what it really is. Escape players, care to join in this luxurious forest house rescue with Jerry? Go ahead then and good luck!



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