Architectural Castle Escape

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The castle really is standing-out from everything that’s near it, even the luxurious houses which was built far recently than it. The place is just unique and its old designs really brings the class to it. The place has a lot of stories to tell for it had been standing for a long time already. For Gerald, as a historian and admirer of ancient architecture, he want’s to know that story by checking its walls there and the rooms, those can already give information but for him he will take an even closer look on that.

Throughout the day, Gerald focused in one room there for something seems to have intrigued him. He busted-out all of his equipment so that story of what he found can be unlocked, but then something only just locked and that now got him quite concerned. Gerald took a break after a while, maybe get some fresh-air outside, but then when he tried the door however he couldn’t open it! Gerald tried the other doors and those too would not let him out! It might be that they have forgotten he was inside and now they locked the place with him still there? Gerald tried to remain calm for he knows he will be thrown out of focus if he panics. There has got to be another way out of there and now escape players, will you be able to help Gerald find that before this concern gets worst or something?

Architectural Castle Escape is the newest point and click ancient place escape game from Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Architectural Castle Escape

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10 months ago

Dear Admin! I would add “BIG” to your “HTML5 GAME DEVELOPERS” list. I’m afraid once again to spoil the programmers with praise, so I’ll say it carefully: these guys are better than WoW and G2R.

Escaper Joe
10 months ago
Reply to  b1650424

Thanks for suggestion, I will add them soon!