Archery Home Escape

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Archery Home Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Amgel Escape! Enjoy another challenging escape here and good luck with us everyday.

Everything that involves bows, arrows, different kinds of darts, crossbows, and even sporty-type ones, Oscar was absolutely fond of those and was kind of an expert to it. In his young age, he had grown and trained in those kinds of weapons, he also likes rifles but he quickly found that it to be quite noisy when hunting game. From then on Oscar had really honed his skills and became an expert bowman, he even decorated his house with arrow wallpapers. Oscar had his time off one day, so he just relaxed but he planned to leave later so he can go on the hunt again, but when the time came however something was up with his house and his archery skills will not be able to help him with that.

Oscar realized that his doors would not open and no matter how hard he tried, it just would not open and he is basically stuck in the room! Something is definitely up in here and even though his archery skills might not be able to help, he has skills of escape too but will that be enough? Escape players you can join in the indoor escape here with Oscar the archer, have fun everyone!