Archery Girl Escape (Avm Games) Game

Archery Girl Escape (Avm Games)

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The girl who will be joining the archery competition should remain stress-free and her strength must be untarnished, that's why Willy decided to drive and take the girl to the venue so she wouldn't have to worry about anything. Willy arrives at the girl's house and called so they can leave immediately and prepare, but he just found-out that there is going to be a problem, for the girl which was the representative for the team because she was good at the sport, just got trapped inside her house!

Her mother was outside and she was happy to see Willy, she had tried to get inside the house but she couldn't, suddenly all of the doors just shut and that's it, her daughter is trapped. Willy is going to rescue the girl of course for not only that she can save the entire team from breaking-apart, she is a kid and she needs help. Escape players, will you be able to get the girl out by placing yourself on the shoes of Willy? Try your best then and hopefully the archer girl is not stressed-out yet.

Archery Girl Escape is the newest point and click house rescue escape game created by Avm Games.

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