Archeologist House Escape

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Years have passed since the very famous archeologist was last seen, the public now is starting to lose hope of him being found alive, but Elbert decided he won’t let it just that for as the archeologist’s nephew, he must try at least for there might still be a chance so that day, he went to his uncle’s house to investigate and maybe the place will give him a clue where he is exactly or what is he really after in such a place where he got lost into. Elbert used everything he can find and with the aid of modern technology, he thought might find something there. But it seems that there is really something that is stopping him from finding something.

Elbert got trapped in the house for the doors in the room where he was would not open no more! Elbert then thought it could be one of his uncle’s tricks for the guy loved traps and mystery solving too. This could be a trap here for it could be if somebody touches his most valuable possessions, a trap would sprung. Looks like he needs to solve this one first so he can get-out of the place and attack this on another angle. Escape players, will you help Elbert here in escaping out of the house and safely before another trap is sprung?

Archeologist House Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by 8b Games.