Arabian Horse Escape Game

Arabian Horse Escape

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Your uncle owned a farm. You would always visit him in the summer. And there was a horse you that always interested you. It looked so powerful and fast, yet it just spent its day at the farm next to your uncle's. There was a time that the horse wandered near your fence. You reached out a hand to it, and it greeted you. Since then, you kept on talking to the horse. It seemed like the horse understood you as well. Then one day, you just couldn't keep on watching from the fence. So you sneaked into the farm and rode the horse. The animal slowly walked then it began to move faster and faster. You could feel the wind in your hair and the freedom that the animal longed for. But from a distance, you saw its owner. You got off and went back to the farm.

Every day you would find some time to meet your friend. He would move like he wanted to run fast again. Your heart broke every time you saw him. So you made up your mind to free him. Yet you had to find your own way. Play Arabian Horse Escape outdoor escape game by Avm Games.

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