Aqua Forest Escape Game

Aqua Forest Escape

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You had a secret ability and how lucky were you to have it activated in summer. Your parents made you join a summer camp. You'd never been on one and you were extremely nervous as to the outcome of it. But while on the bus, you made a special connection with a boy sitting silently at the back. He looked lonely and didn't talk to anyone. You felt you were on the same boat. So you approached him and introduced yourself. At first, you thought his eyes looked blank. But he blinked and they seemed normal. You talked the whole time while the bus traveled on the road  to the camp. Since you were at the back, you waited for the others to get off first. He fished something from his pocket and gave it to you. You thought it was too early for gifts. But you thanked him anyway.

Just then, you felt someone shaking your shoulders. You looked up and saw the driver. He said you'd been sleeping the whole trip and needed to get off now. You looked at your hands and you still held the gift. It was a free afternoon. So you thought to take a swim while wearing the necklace you got. You got too far out and was too tired to swim back. However, you were able to breathe underwater. So you just enjoyed the forest underneath. Play Aqua Forest Escape outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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