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Apple Forest

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The apple forest was one of the places of your dreams. Snow White introduced apples to you and ever since you wanted to see its tree. The again, there wasn't one growing in your area. You had to travel miles away just to get yourself in an apple forest. But since you couldn't reach the place easily, you decided to just find other places where you could go. You even messaged some of the owners to let you in on their property. It was a long shot. But you just have got to try. Then surprisingly, one of them replied. They would even allow you to record your experience on video. And on top of that, you would be able to bring some of their fruits home. It was the greatest news of the week.

So you contacted the manager of the place and had your visit settled. You couldn't believe you'd be in an apple forest and get to bring home some apples as well. The manager greeted you warmly. And after the orientation, you immediately went to the forest. However you must have not understood a word from the orientation though since you couldn't find the way out anymore. Play Apple Forest outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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