Anthophile Escape

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Lucille loves flowers and that’s why their backyard and front-yard which surrounds the house is filled with them. She explained it once why she loves flowers, well it’s about the colors as well as the things it can provide, like food for the bees and the butterflies. Lucille likes that cycle of life and most of the time when there is no school, she is out helping her mother take good care of their garden. That day, she was at it again in the garden, but her mother was not with her though for she is currently resting, but that rest of hers will be cut short however, for when she heard a call for help which was coming from the outside, she burst out from her bed and went to where her daughter is.

As Lucille’s mother get to the door however, she couldn’t open it mysteriously. It was weird definitely for it wouldn’t budge, well that’s actually the problem, for Lucille could not enter the house thanks to that strangely acting-up door! Both of them have no idea what’s happening, but because Lucille’s mother is in-charge here, she needs to fix this so not only her daughter can go inside, she might also find-out what’s happening here. Escape players, want to help-out here with Lucille and her mother so that the problem can be solved quickly?

Anthophile Escape is a brand new point and click house escape game from Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Anthophile Escape

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