Ant House Rescue Game

Ant House Rescue

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A very strange old guy used to live on the edge of the swamp. Everyone knew about him in the town, but most of the people thought of him as a crazy and grumpy man who hated the world and cared about himself only. Once, you were hunting in the woods next to the swamp, when a wild boar jumped in front of you and pushed you to the ground. At this moment, you heard a sudden gun shot and the boar fell to the ground. The old guy saved your life. From that day, you visited him every week and helped around the house. He wasn't that bad after all. You kinda felt like he was your grandfather or something. He had a funny dog, Buckie. One day, when you went to visit them, you found the old man lying in his bed. He looked calm, very calm. He passed away in peace. Today, you came to collect a few things, lock down the house and take Buckie with you.

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