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Another World

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You didn't know what attracted you to the house. The only thing you knew was that you wanted to live there. You were searching for a new house to move in to. Your previous house had a lot of very weird stuffs happening and you wanted to be away from it. So you thought that moving far might bring you peace. However, things weren't always as you thought they would be. Things were fine at first. But later on, you found out that some creatures were slowly making their portal to another world. And slowly, your house was being transformed into a different world. So instead of looking forward to it, you looked for ways to leave the house. But the creatures weren't too happy about this. And they made a plan that could potentially stop you from leaving.

You were one of their most important component so they could continue creating their portal. And you leaving the place could put a stop to their work. This made them create puzzles and misplace things so they can buy time in completing their portal while you find your way out of the house. Play Another World room escape game by Mirchigames.

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