Announcer Escape Game

Announcer Escape

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Announcer Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by Avm Games for another fun escape here plus a rescue in a far-off town. Best of luck!

You just got-off from the village and now you are on your way to the town which you live in, but the village needs something though and most importantly that is produce from your town, they also need another thing and that is an announcer which your town actually has. You have no idea why they need an announcer, but you just accepted the request and left quickly so you can return within the day. After an hour of journey through the forest, you finally arrived at the town but unfortunately, there was a situation there and it involves that said announcer herself!

You came to her home to asked for her aid but it looked like she was the one who is in-need of it, for she is now trapped in her own home and is panicking! She can really hurt herself in that pacing and running around, that's why you decided to finally save her from herself and out of there right-now for you need her services as well. Good luck on the rescue then escape players, may you get the announcer out and safely.

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