Annapolis Game


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You can't believe that you've never been here. This place is so amazing and you are so thankful that you are here today. The place looks so peaceful and you want to stay here forever. Unfortunately, you are only here for vacation. As much you want to stay here in Annapolis, you have to go back to your hometown. You can always go back in this place but first, you have to find a way to escape from here. Since it's your first time in this city, you are not yet familiar about the road. This is a problem because your plane with take off any minute from now. You have to find the right path as soon as possible and the good news is, the citizens of this place are very helpful. However, they need something in return of the clues that they will give.

Because of that, you have to follow their requests before they follow yours. Time is running low and you can't miss your flight. Aside from the clues, you also need your logic to escape from Annapolis. This brand new outdoor escape game is made by Selfdefiant for Mouse City. Good luck and have fun!

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