Angry Turkey Chicks Rescue Game

Angry Turkey Chicks Rescue

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Everyday you check on your turkeys. One of them already had chicks which you find absolutely cute. They weren't very strong enough and their mother was very protective of them. You understood their mother so you try to stay away as much as possible for the time being. You'd know when the mother was angry for she'd make so much noise. It was not the kind of noise that you could simply ignore. But it was the kind that would make you go out of the house to check on her. It was a peaceful Saturday morning when the turkey made a lot of noise. However, you're in the middle of cooking and stopping midway could affect the taste of the dish. It took you five minutes to get to your turkey and she was already silent. You looked at her. And she was angry.

So you apologized for a couple of times. Then you noticed that the chicks disappeared. You instantly jumped into action to look for them. You knew they couldn't be that far away. And so you started your search on the nearest place you could think of. However, since they were still small, you needed to look more thoroughly. Play Angry Turkey Chicks Rescue outdoor escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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