Angry Grandpa Escape

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The king has a mage and he is in the form of an angry grandpa! He is very good with magic especially in his prime and the king as well as his father relied on him even from way before for protection during battle and guidance. Nowadays, grandpa mage is getting irritable for old-age is catching-up on him and well, his magic can only keep him alive a couple of hundred years and he is that old now. As his apprentice, Braddock is the next in-line to be the mage of the king, he is getting fascinatingly good actually, and that day he is going to use a bit of it to rescue his master!

The old mage got trapped in his own home and the doors would not open, Braddock and him have no idea what’s happening and grandpa mage is getting irritable again. Braddock thinks this might be the work of the enemy though so they can disable the magic of the kingdom, if that is so then he must solve this quickly while there is still a chance and he still can. Escape players, help Braddock here who was the next mage free his master, find things that can open the door and quickly, for the enemy might be in the corner already.

Angry Grandpa Escape is the newest point-and-click rescue escape game from Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Angry Grandpa Escape

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