Angora Rabbit Escape

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Darwin is living quite well in the wilderness here, he even has a new pet now which was an Angora rabbit and it just hides under his house and he lets it be. Well he has a fence all-over though which was far from his sight, but that is enough to keep him safe and his animals there as well. Darwin was thinking of getting this rabbit of his a pair of the same race, but he doesn’t know of the gender of his rabbit though, he just named it to fit for a boy or a girl. Guess he’ll have to check again so he can really tell what it is and make the best guess of it. But as he tried to find it though he could not, he kept trying until he finally realized where it was.

Darwin found his rabbit inside his outdoor latrine and the cubicle would not open! His rabbit is trapped in there and no wonder he could not find it. His latrine has a lock and he knows he doesn’t lock it at all because for him, what’s the purpose? Okay, guess he’ll try to find that key to the latrine again so he can get his rabbit out. Escape players, will you give Darwin a hand here so he can rescue his Angora out from its misery quickly and safely?

Angora Rabbit Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.

Walkthrough video for Angora Rabbit Escape


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