Ancient Treasure Escape (Nsr Games) Game

Ancient Treasure Escape (Nsr Games)

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Your father was a treasure hunter. He was usually out of your house in search for treasures. You rarely get to see him but you always had want you wanted. Every time he made amazing discoveries, he would receive huge amounts. Then he would buy you the things you wanted to have. You used to enjoy the privilege. However, you slowly realized his absence. So you talked to him and asked him to take you with him. If that was the only way you could have some time together, you would do it. Your father just looked at you and waited for you to take back your words. But upon seeing your determination, he let you join him on his adventures. After a few years, your father stopped his adventures due to old age. Then again, you continued it for him.

One of the places he wished to visit was within your reach. You were hesitating because you weren't sure if you could take it on your own. But your father would be very pleased with it. So you gathered your courage to enter the place. Unfortunately, you lost your way easily. Play Ancient Treasure Escape (Nsr Games) outdoor escape game by NSR Games.

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