Ancient Thanksgiving Party Escape Game

Ancient Thanksgiving Party Escape

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Every member in Lorna's family is coming to her modern and huge house to celebrate an ancient thanksgiving tradition which they celebrate. Well everybody in the country celebrates it but for them though they do some extra things which was exclusive to their family only. And so, Lorna prepared her house before everyone comes for the party next week, the house was already fixed though and she is glad she only has to prepare a few things as well as the food. But guess that includes now another thing, for something happened and Lorna is trying to fix the issue.

Lorna could not get herself out of the house for the doors were now mysteriously locked! She is trying her best already but still she could not fix the issue at all. She is going to need some help here for not only she is alone in the place currently, she also doesn't know what's happening! Escape players, her only help will be coming from you now, want to help her out and also see if you can solve whatever the problem is there?

Ancient Thanksgiving Party Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Games 2 Rule.

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