Ancient Temple Escape (Top 10 New Games)

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When you heard you were going to Cambodia, you couldn’t believe your ears. It never occurred to you that you’d be staying there and do research on its temples. There were very many temples there and you weren’t able to explore each one. And that left you lonely. You really wanted to get to know each temple but you just didn’t have enough time. So you made sure that you’d still have the temples as subjects. This was the only way you could go back to Cambodia and do further research. Likewise, you wished to explore a part of the temple you almost entered. However, one of your colleagues stopped you saying it was not allowed to enter there. So you stepped out of the area. But ever since you were wondering about what you might have found. Now that you’ll be back, you just have to see it.

You secretly left your group and followed the path you once left. Upon turning a corner, you found a small waterfalls beside the temple. It had a magical feel to it but you didn’t want to get ahead of yourself. You were here to research. But instead, you found yourself looking for a way out. Play Ancient Temple Escape (Top 10 New Games) outdoor escape game by Top 10 New Games.