Ancient Sword Escape Game

Ancient Sword Escape

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The legend of the Night's Scholar tells a story about a young man, who studied hard to become a royal officer. His father was a well known general, who taught his son various martial arts. The boy had skills and improved a lot. Those who saw him wielding a sword or any kind of weapon, told he was as good as the king's guard. One day, his father was framed and executed. They captured the whole family, except the boy, who managed to escape. His family was perished. He swore to get his revenge on the ministers who did this. From that point, he studied in foreign countries and came back as a ninja. No corrupt officials could escape his wrath, he helped the poor and shared the money he had stolen with them. He became a legend. Along with his sword. You heard the news of the appearance of this legendary weapon and decided to get it. Good luck!

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