Ancient Ruined Temple Escape Game

Ancient Ruined Temple Escape

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Classes would start in a few days yet you felt like you didn't have a proper vacation. You always had to go back to school to finish some requirements. You knew you had to do those in order to move to the next year. But you could've worked on those if they were given earlier. You just sighed as you work on each requirement and handed them over to your instructors. You would come home early yet you would spend the remaining hours of the afternoon passed out from exhaustion. However, you finally found a schedule where you could go for a mini-vacation. It was a long weekend because of a local holiday. You wanted to have a vacation you wouldn't easily forget. So you looked for something exciting to do. You found a recently discovered ancient ruined temple at the outer part of the city.

That part of the city was a bit far from your house and you'd never been there. This made it the best vacation spot for you. You prepared your stuffs for an overnight stay near the temple. You arrived there in the middle of the day. The sun was still so high up that you thought of exploring the place first. You weren't expecting what happened next. Play Ancient Ruined Temple Escape room escape game by First Escape Games.

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