Ancient Prison Hall Escape Game

Ancient Prison Hall Escape

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Ancient Prison Hall Escape is another new point and click old place escape game made by Genie Fun Games. Good luck as you get yourself out of the underground ancient prison here.

The team that Paul had brought together just discovered a series of rooms under the sands of the desert, everyone would not believe that it's actually an ancient prison and who knows how long had it been in there or how long was it since its abandonment. Paul was so proud of the find that he decided to finally join-in despite of the dangers of collapse that his team announced. He is done sitting around and waiting for what's to come next, but after something happened in there, he partly wished he hadn't left his seat back in the camp.

Paul tripped something and that triggered an ancient mechanism, it eventually led to a thick stone door and that closed the entrance shut! This is now a coded situation for the team leader which was Paul is trapped in the place and he doesn't have any companion with him there that can help him inside. His team must work harder outside then so that he can be extracted out, but Paul must do his share as well so this problem can be solved soon. Escape players, Paul must find his way out of there too and by doing so very carefully or he'll trip something again. Join in on the escape with Paul everyone, give him a hand on this ancient prison escape. Have fun!

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