Ancient Mandrill Escape Game

Ancient Mandrill Escape

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The forest had always been pleasant for thousands of years, well that's according to the scripts found dating back to that time and one of its secrets was about the spirit of the place, and that spirit is in the form of an immortal mandrill. People have said before that the animal is mortal and can be wounded, but it never ages though and that's why it became a guardian of the place. Well those are just stories and George who lives near the forest is just not seeing any of that for years in living there, but one day though all of that is going to change for he finally saw what he doesn't believe in.

As George was collecting some firewood in the forest, he saw in the distance a very distinct coloration of blue and red, he squinted and he saw what he was looking at was a mandrill! There are no mandrills endemic in the place so he thought, no way! But the animal is trapped in something though but it's very calm. Weird, maybe it knows George was coming to help it? Surely, for George has compassion for animals enchanted or not. Escape payers, George might be looking at the ancient mandrill or maybe it's just a runaway monkey from the zoo, either way will you help him though and carefully for mandrills can be very aggressive and dangerous?

Ancient Mandrill Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 4 Escape.

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