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Ancient Escape

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You are at Egypt trying to investigate things on a rocky mountain for you really have a huge hunch that there is something hidden there. Your hunches rarely to never goes wrong and judging what clues you found on that side of the mountain, that compelled you strongly to continue, well it bore fruit fortunately for you found what you were looking for in the form of a sealed tunnel heading into that mound of a mountain! Finally, some find that might give some more insight about ancient Egypt, well that's if you can get it to open.

It is too early to call for crew to open the tunnel, so you decided to try it yourself first and see if you can open it with what you know and what you have. Escape players, new discoveries are behind that sealed stone door, want to join in on this adventure and see what you can uncover? Place yourself on the situation here then and be ready for what you might find if you are able to open that ancient pathway.

Check-out another adventure here with us everyone, this time on the dry sands of the desert! Ancient Escape is the newest point and click ancient escape game created by Mirchigames.

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