Ancient Christmas Room Escape Game

Ancient Christmas Room Escape

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This Christmas is not like any other. You decided to travel abroad to ancient cities. You've been spending Christmas in your house for the longest time. And you want to experience something new. You've been through a very rough year and seeing some new sights might refresh you. However, you haven't traveled for the whole year. So you're saving your money for travels but you haven't tried travelling during winter. Since you feel so down at the moment, it's the perfect time to use that savings. You booked a flight to Siyoon, an ancient city somewhere on an island not frequently visited. You didn't research anything about the place because you wanted to be surprised. And you weren't disappointed. Everywhere you look is a source of wonder. So you take out your camera and take photos of almost everything you see.

Then you move closer to your accommodation. You saw that it's as ancient as it could get. However, it also makes you wonder if this place even celebrates Christmas. While roaming around, you haven't seen any decorations. But when you go inside, you see a room fully decorated. You feel happier just seeing the lively colors of the room. Yet it holds a secret which you discover when you try to go out. Play Ancient Christmas Room Escape room escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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