Ancient Castle Escape Game

Ancient Castle Escape

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Living in an ancient castle! That's what you won at a contest. For one week you get the chance to know the feeling of being a royalty. For an entire week you will be the king of this ancient castle and everyone will have to do what you say. At beginning everything was fine, but after a few days you got really annoying and forgot that you are just a man, not a real king. So the employees got enough of you and thought to teach you a lesson. Next morning when you woke up, you have been left locked alone in the castle. Now that you think, this ancient castle is pretty scary like this, it's time to escape. Have fun!

Walkthrough for Ancient Castle Escape
  1. Date: July 10, 2015
    Author: dewed
    I had to watch the walkthrough. Was there a clue for the 6 arrows in the next to last room? I seen the solution. But how did they know? [Reply]

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