Ancestral Villa Escape Game

Ancestral Villa Escape

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Elliot received the ancestral villa which actually belonged to his parents, but they decided to go in a worldwide trip and even planned to live a simple life in the outskirts of town, that's why they gave the house which had been passed to them by his father's parents to him so he can start fresh. Elliot feels at home really, for he had lived in the place all his life before and basically he grew-up there, so adjustments were not really difficult. One day however as Elliot was arranging some things in the house, something difficult happened and it definitely caught him off-guard!

Elliot just got trapped in the villa for he could no longer open the doors in the place especially the exits! What was going-on in here anyways? Elliot is now very confused and he thinks that his parents have pulled something on him, that's why he is trapped now, or something could actually be going-on there and he is in some real trouble right-now! Escape players, will Elliot be able to escape the house by solving whatever it is that needs to be solved in there? Why don't you join him then so he can escape quickly and successfully before the doors in the rooms are the next ones to mysteriously lock.

Ancestral Villa Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Genie Fun Games.

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