Amusing Green Cabbage Escape

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What makes Ian’s farm here prosper is not only his dedication to the craft and unwavering determination, he also has luck which was coming from this green cabbage and that thing is not even normal at all! To make the long story short, Ian found this cabbage as he was out hunting in the forest, it’s just there when he saw it, it was walking around and is conscious!

Ian saw it and he almost fainted, a walking cabbage with a face of a human! He had not seen something like this in all of his life, but Ian was the kind who was more curious than scared, he tried to understand the thing and eventually they became friends. Since then his farm only became more successful and the only thing he needs to do is to take good care of the sentient vegetable and be delicate with it. Well little did Ian know that’s not going to be easy, for this vegetable friend of his liked to frolic around the place and see sights! A thing that should not be for if anyone sees him then he is good as gone from his care. Unfortunately for all of them that day came to be! But not being discovered though, something else which was also a big problem and it’s all thanks to his daily adventures. Escape players, Ian is in a situation now he wished to never come across, will you help him with whatever it is? For surely he will be saying goodbye to his green cabbage friend here if that is not solved quickly.

Amusing Green Cabbage Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from Games 4 King.

Walkthrough video for Amusing Green Cabbage Escape


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