Amusement Time Escape Game

Amusement Time Escape

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Lindon woke-up to loud music which sounded like he's in an amusement park or something, but then when he look around he was actually inside one! Lindon had no idea what happened for he was just sleeping in his home which was indeed near an amusement park but not enough so one can just walk to it. Lindon did not know what happened to him for its strange, he never remembered anything last-night, but he is here and nobody was even around which adds to the weirdness of it all.

Lindon knows he'll have a hard-time here for not only that the gates of the amusement park was closed which is really giving more hardship to the problem, the park is not really little which means it'll take some time in trying to find the way out of there. Escape players, Lindon here is having a weird situation in a place which he knows he didn't even go to, but he woke-up into. Something is definitely going-on in here and it might be his friends pulling a prank on him. Care to join him then and see if you can all escape the place and somehow find some answers afterwards?

Test your skills and logic here escape players! Amusement Time Escape is the newest point and click location escape game created by Selfdefiant.

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