Amiable Clumsy Creature Escape

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The town is home to some weird things, but none compares to the weirdness of this weird skunk creature which has a rainbow tail! Nobody knows what the creature is or if its tail is actually real or a dye, but the creature seems to be just natural and it’s even harmless. The creature roams around the place from time to time and people just leaves it alone. As a resident of the place, Orville sees the creature as fascinating, for its tail and appendages seems like it had been indeed dyed or something, but it also looks natural.

That day, it was another normal day, Orville will be going around the town now, chopping wood to sell to the residents there. But he stopped halfway though for he saw a creature inside a cage there along the way, and it was this rainbow skunk creature! Somebody actually did capture it this time! But who would though for he doesn’t know anybody there who would catch such a creature? Maybe the ones that are uneasy of it? Or what about maybe it just got clumsy again and that’s why it got trapped? Well, Orville will free it whatever for it deserves to be free, and plus it’s so weird and different that it should be left alone, unique and strange only endemic in this area. Escape players, you will now be playing as Orville here, will you be able to free the strange rainbow creature so it can return to its home in the forest?

Amiable Clumsy Creature Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Games 4 King.