American Boy Escape

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Darwin’s father had left him this boy that day to babysit for a moment. Well not totally babysit, for his father works at the airport and he sees this said kid everyday to the point that he had pity for him, so in the mean time he’ll stay with them until he finds his parents. Darwin doesn’t want to do this at all for he isn’t really good with kids, but guess he has no choice but to befriend this kid, for they could at least get along while he stays here.

Darwin came to know this boy was American and he has no memory of what happened to him, now that’s not helpful at all. The boy came to live with them for weeks then, but still no luck on his parents. Now that day Darwin and him were left alone at the house while everybody was on their errands, it was nothing special at all just a usual day, but little did Darwin know there was a looming problem there in the home and it’s definitely a thing that Darwin needs to solve. Escape players, you will now be in the shoes of Darwin here and whatever the problem is will you all be able to solve it?

American Boy Escape is another new point and click indoor rescue escape game made by 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for American Boy Escape

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