Ambulance Escape

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The hospital here is very crowded and low in manpower at the moment, even the ambulances are all in use on different emergencies right-now and the only free one was Mike’s, but he was also being called now to get a patient from someplace and as usual it’s an urgent call. But Mike is getting angry and impatient here though, for he cannot find his key to his ambulance and he is beginning to get really concerned here for he is being called for an emergency right now! Mike needs to find that key right-now maybe in under a minute for each moment here is very important of the survival of this patient he is going to get wherever his or her location is.

Escape players, Mike needs to find his ambulance key right-now, will you be able to help him here so he can get this problem solved soon and he can finally leave? Go ahead then, look into every compartment there in the hospital or in any building near the place to find that key wherever that is and do this as quickly as possible.

Ambulance Escape is a new complex item retrieval escape game developed by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Ambulance Escape

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