Amazing Hotel Escape Game

Amazing Hotel Escape

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"Amazing!" is your first word when you stepped in the Amazing Hotel. A huge classy fountain welcomed you to the hotel. This has been the most fabulous hotel that you've ever been to. You walked around to see what can else they can offer to you then, you saw a bar, gym, and sauna. But among all those places inside the hotel, the Olympic-sized swimming pool really caught your attention. You were so excited to dip into the pool. You jumped right away and you stayed there for hours but you already felt cold so you went back to your room. It was past bedtime when you felt hungry.

You planned to go out to buy some snacks but as you go through your pocket, you realized that the keycard was not there. It probably dropped in the pool while you were swimming. The door won't open without it and your keycard also serves as your connection to the hotel reception so you can't get help from them. Try to unlock the door and escape from the Amazing Hotel. Collect items from the hidden places in the room. Use those objects to escape. Enjoy playing Amazing Hotel Escape, a room escape game released by Eight Games!

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