Amaze Garage Escape Game

Amaze Garage Escape

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Lindon's employees left him at the garage for it's closing time but he still has a lot to finish, most especially that luxurious car which he needs to meticulously fix. Lindon doesn't want to abandon his work now for the owner of the said car had come quite angry and he needed it done as soon as possible, Lindon believes in customer care so he is definitely going to finish it. Lindon was trying to finish everything that he needs to alone and it's really quite hard without any help, but then a problem surfaced and that made his situation a lot harder.

The garage has this kink of locking people in and that's why they always prepare for that, but that day Lindon was alone and when that happened, he had a huge facepalm moment for this problem can only be solved by an amount of manpower! Lindon simply cannot fulfill that manpower alone, that's why he decided to find another way out of there for there has got to be. Escape players, come and try this escape adventure here with Lindon as he finds his way out of the garage where he works. The only advantage here is the sheer amount of tools to be manipulated, so go ahead and use them to escape.

Amaze Garage Escape is another new point and click shop escape game made by Genie Fun Games.

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