Alsunga Forest Adventure Game

Alsunga Forest Adventure

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Alsunga Forest belonged to your family because it sits on the titled land. Growing up, you are learning the routes and the terrain of the forest and considers it your second home. The woodlands are abundant with wildlife and teeming with fruit-bearing plants and trees. Moreover, people come and go because it also abundant with behives and behives meant honey. Exploring the forest is your hobby because you're able to take advantage of the forest and its blessings. There are some who are not happy with it, though.

There are other inhabitants in the forest who don't like to share the bounty with mere humans. Because of this, they saw you as a threat to their survival. One day, you went to the forest for another surveying of new areas. This time, you began to feel a sense of foreboding. Your usual routes seem confusing to follow and for some reason, there is no sign of life around you. You feel that you may have gotten yourself lost and that you need to find your way out fast.

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