Alligator Escape Game

Alligator Escape

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Once again, Ethan passes-by the old house in the wilderness for his daily errands requires it. But that day however, he is not there for his errands, but he is in the search for his new exotic pet which was an alligator! Ethan rescued this baby alligator from a trap and it seems that he is fond of the animal now. It managed to escape his home and luckily though there were tracks everywhere, eventually that led him to the old house which with a stroke of luck he found it there! But unfortunately it's not in a good situation though.

Escape players, Ethan discovered that his pet alligator is trapped in some contraption! Probably a hunter's trap and at the moment, nobody seems to be around, he'll just have to rescue his reptile pet and set the trap again for he doesn't want the owner of that trap to miss-out on his daily catch. Will you help Ethan in getting his alligator back? Go ahead then and be careful, try not to hurt the animal and at the moment it is a bit nippy, so be aware of its tiny jaws as well.

Alligator Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.

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