Alive Tree Forest Escape Game

Alive Tree Forest Escape

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The forest here is definitely filled with strange things, that includes talking trees and weird eerie lights! That is what Wade is facing now as he ventures into the place for he thought it was just a normal wilderness as he goes on his thrilling trek. Now he is being followed by trees that are about to ruin his sanity. Wade must keep that up though and continue to find the best way out of there for he finally had it with this adventure of his. Will he be able to finally escape without him getting caught by those trees with disturbing faces which are now following him?

This escape of his here might not be easy thanks to the strange things, but he won't stop nor he shouldn't until he is able to get himself from this garden of walking and talking trees. Escape players, come and join in this escape with Wade! Expect the trees there to be as mobile as humans and they will be there wherever you are in the place. Use the best of your skills and logic for a successful escape without a scratch.

Alive Tree Forest Escape is the newest point and click weird wilderness escape game from WoW Escape.

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