Alien Space Ship Escape Game

Alien Space Ship Escape

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Porter and his team is not yet in deep space, they haven't even escaped Earth's grasp yet, but soon they will make a slingshot to the moon heading to Mars and from then they will rest for months and wake-up upon close contact to the red planet. Porter and team are all ready for that and they are excited for most of them haven't yet been farther from Earth's orbit zones. Porter was getting ready for the shot when suddenly, a strange craft absolutely bigger than theirs captured their ship through some sort of tractor beam or something!

The rest was not even clear anymore and Porter only had some bits of memories of the incident, plus he was not even in their module anymore and instead some sort of room which was almost empty, there was gravity and it seems that he is back on Earth. Porter investigated a bit and he found strange inscriptions on the walls and it's weird, also his memories came back about his team being pried upon by what looks like alien beings! Porter is trying to get suspicious and it's really crazy, more so when he tried the door and he couldn't open it! What is going on in here? Okay, he told himself, maybe he'll try to get out from the room so he can find-out what's going-on and where he is at really. Escape players, how will you escape the room now if you are Porter? Go ahead and give this a go then, test your skills and be ready for the aliens!

Alien Space Ship Escape is another new point and click room escape game made by Selfdefiant.

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