Alien Planet Escape (WoW Escape) Game

Alien Planet Escape (WoW Escape)

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Camping isn't new to you. You've been to a lot ever since your mom got the job as the head of a camping organization. It seems like she really knows all the stuff about camping. However, you can't just easily absorb her skills. So most of the time, she takes on the tasks. There are just some things that you wish you don't have to experience camp. And that's when you search for glamping. After familiarizing yourself with the features and ways of glamping, you invite your mom to try it with you. Your mom is somehow in disbelief that you opt for this kind of camping. But she wants to try it as well. So you pack your equipment and have them set up at the location. It seems like it's not the popular time to go camping since you have no neighbors in the area.

You still have a lot of free time before bed. And it's the perfect time to just feel the fresh air of nature. Then suddenly, something very bright shines in the sky. It's heading your direction but it's like you're frozen. You just close your eyes and wait for impact. But nothing's happening so you open your eyes to find yourself surrounded by aliens in Alien Planet. Play Alien Planet Escape (WoW Escape) outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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