Alien Base 2 Escape

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Jason is still at the alien base orbiting near Earth and at the moment he really is confused and a lot more concerned, for not only he is still not able to escape from the ship after a heap-ton of effort, he had seen no aliens at all and it’s very weird why. Still Jason is also very near from escaping here for he is at the outer ring of the ship now and beyond it is freedom with all of the information he’s got regarding the place. He just hopes his people didn’t abandon him though, or he’ll definitely be alien steak there in quarters.

Escape players, Jason needs further help here to escape from the alien’s ship before his worst nightmare here happens. Will you be able to help him once again so he can get all the items he needs and more information so he can finally escape from this ship? Navigate through the halls of the ship there then and be ready for a potential alien encounter.

Alien Base 2 Escape is the newest point and click space escape game from 365 Escape. This game is a continuation of the first one as the start of the first game.

Walkthrough video for Alien Base 2 Escape


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