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Alchemist House

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You were walking along the streets one rainy night when you noticed the lights going out one by one. You thought it was very weird. So you moved closer to the disappearing lights. Strangely, someone was collecting them in a container. You stopped in your tracks as you knew that could not possibly happen. The old man looked directly at you. You dared not look away from him as you could get suck inside the container he was holding. You slowly backed away but he was moving closer. It seemed like his feet wasn't even touching the ground. He was levitating towards you. You tried your hardest to stay sane despite all of this weirdness. He smiled at you and told you that you were the first to see him perform his abilities. He wasn't all that happy but he had nothing against you either.

You calmed down a bit with his words. Then he invited you over to his house to show you how he was able to do all these. You were hesitant at first since you didn't know the alchemist. However, your curiosity was stronger than your worries. So you followed him and your adventure started. Play Alchemist House room escape game 365 Escape.

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