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New York State of mind is the highest mind set ever. You are just so happy to be here in the concrete jungle. Since this is your first time in the city, you want to go to different places and the first on your list is Albany. This is such a great place but you don't have much time to stay in here. With that, you have to keep on moving so you can visit many more places. The problem is, you can't find your way out in Albany. The people here are busy but there are still people who are willing to spare some time. However, you can't get their help in just one click.

They have errands to finish and you have to help them before they can help you. The clues that they will give out is very important so you have to do your best to solve the puzzles that they'll hand over. Your logic is also very important for you to solve those but there are hints that can support you. Play this brand new point n' click room escape game by Selfdefiant for Hooda Math and find a way to escape from Albany. Have fun!

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