Alaska Survival Escape Day 2 Game

Alaska Survival Escape Day 2

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Assume in this game you are a biologist who have been studying the life of the arctic world for years. One day you were sitting in your livingroom watching the tv when suddenly your phone rang. It was one of your best friends who also was a famous scientist. He said the ice caps of the polar world was found to be melting faster than it had been expected before. He also asked for your help during the following researches so two days later you were already on a plane heading to the area. You were flying above the Alaskan mountains when suddenly a lightning hit the wing of your plane and it broke. You crashed and became stranded in a totally uninhabitad part of the country. You had to make fire somehow in order to keep yourself warm and avoid the freezing. Find hidden objects and fit them together to ignite the heap of timber somehow. Good luck!


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