Alacrity Lamb Boy Escape

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Amongst all of the ordinary lamb there in the town, Tony hides this one of a kind animal of his which was definitely a lamb as well, for this one was quite sentient! It acted like a human and it has emotions! Well mostly being joyous, but this is one weird thing definitely, that’s why he kept it for he knows if ever somebody knew about this then it is possible that they will take the animal from him, make money out of it, or maybe dissect it for science and discovery! Tony is not ready for that especially now that he doesn’t understand what’s going-on, he will never trade the strange lamb of his for profit. But one day though, guess somebody is trying to get it, for it just suddenly disappeared and when Tony found-out about that, his blood ran cold!

Tony went high and low just to find his lamb then, eventually he did and he thanked the heavens! But he is not out of the woods yet especially for that lamb, for it is currently trapped inside a structure there and it seems that this is more likely an accident than somebody trying to take it. Regardless, he needs to get his lamb back quick for this is now a serious situation. Escape players, will you be able to help Tony here free that lamb of his and quickly?

Alacrity Lamb Boy Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 4 King.