Airplane Crash Survival Game

Airplane Crash Survival

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It's a good thing the VIP who owns the plane is not on it now for he just commissioned the jet to deliver goods from point A to point B in-order to answer a call for help after a disaster had struck in the country. A few men are on the plane now as well as a ton of provisions, they need to ease the problem that the disaster caused at least in this way they can make a difference. As they travel through the air however, it seems that another disaster is afoot, for the plane just lost an engine and it's on fire!

Normally the plane has extinguishers on each wing, but sadly the one which was on fire cannot be extinguished for it seems that it's really busted! The few men on-board are seriously getting scared now, but they need to remain calm so that this situation will not get worst. Escape players, you are one of the men there on the plane and the pilots need all the help that they can get to save the provisions and especially the plane. You are also a pilot and you know very well that you are losing altitude and abandoning the plane is really not possible nor it is a standard thing to do. This is now a situation that needs to be dealt with for the pilots are preparing for a water landing on a nearby lake. Will you all be able to survive this crash-landing? Anything that you do there no matter how small will be detrimental for survival, so brace yourselves.

Airplane Crash Survival is the newest point and click dangerous escape game from 5n Games.

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