Agile Girl Escape Game

Agile Girl Escape

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A girl just got into some danger and definitely her life hangs on a balance now! One day, this girl was well-known for being very quick and flexible, that's because she has a gymnastics background and little did she know, that will help her one day with the trouble that almost cost her life. That said girl was just walking innocently one day on the streets when suddenly, she got nabbed by someone prior to knocking her out first and when she woke-up, she found herself inside some sort of hut! And that, is where her skills must come in.

The kidnapped girl was agile enough to squeeze half of her body out of the window but that was the limit and she can't go all the way through. That was enough however for someone to see and that's you escape players! You approached the hut and she was hysterical, for she thinks you were the one that nabbed her. Well, that's ridiculous for you live in the forest peacefully and you just happened to pass by the hut that day. Okay now, this is really confusing why a city girl was there trapped in a hut in the wilderness, but would you help her though for she seems very stressed? If so then be very careful on this attempt escape players, do this quickly by finding tools that can get her out.

Agile Girl Escape is a brand new point and click house rescue escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.

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